Frequently Asked Question’s

It’s entirely up to you! Buying leads can have it’s upsides if utilized efficiently. We strive to provide quality leads to help real estate agents save time, money, and energy to see the ultimate value in continuing to buy real estate leads from us month after month.

We truly want to help struggling real estate agents find quality leads. We’ve used these leads ourselves for over 10 years, however, from switching to being agents to investors, we have no use for them but also no desire to lose our source connections either. Try our leads, if you’re not happy, don’t come back! We use to average  1 deal for every 36.4 qualified contacts we set appointments with. You may be better than us!

We produce our leads by doing a deep and through web search, lead generation tools, local county websites, and outsourcing. We collect all the data and compile it into our own database.

Our lists come standard with Contact Name, Address, Phone Number, & Email. Our “Home Buyer Leads” come with recent purchased property details including address, sqft, # br, # ba, sale date & sale price. Our “Home Seller Leads” come with current property details including address, sqft, # br, #ba, and property assessed value.

We DO NOT sell a single lead more than twice. We also do not sell a single lead twice within a 1 month period.

We update our database every week depending on the availability of data for each target location.

Leads are delivered via email within 24-72 hours in .csv excel format. You can also request for another file type such as PDF, TSV, TXT, or DOC for easier CRM integration.

We do a double check on all of our leads and data by accessing local county website, tracing property history, and confirming lead contact details. As leads do occasionally change contact details we can not guarantee their accuracy, just guarantee to provide the most accurate up-to-date information possible, to keep our clients loyalty and long-term business. If you’re unsure, test the waters with a smaller package as a first time order.

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